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My interest for photography started for more than 20 years ago.
As long as i remember the art of photography has been fascinating me. My father with his amazing photos, has been, and are a great inspiration for me.

My name is Frank Floutrup og my fascination is no longer just a passion, but are now a lifestyle.

I mostly do nature and landscape photos, but i also like to make portrait and urbex photos.

It is a huge part of me to show how beautiful the nature around us is. But also to pay attention on the importance of care for that nature.

This founded the idea to project Wonderful Word.

We all need to take part in the preservation of our nature, by the way we treat the nature.

We need to go beyond the level of rhetoric into the level of action.

Project Wonderful World supports all who active plays a role in the nature conservation and not just speak.

The project is still in its pure beginning and therefore i am very open for any suggests and initiatives that can bring it a step forward.

If you have a message or a photo that relates to the project, then please contact me.

All photos on this site is taken by me and are with copyright.
Portraits and photos of people on this site is taken by me, with a contract between the model and/or there respective parents and me.

Frank Floutrup